If you’re serious about growing your business, then it’s time to get serious about your marketing.

Behind every great business is some great marketing. These online sessions will guide you through the marketing you need to grow your business. 

Action orientated. I’ll give you the tools, but the emphasis will be on you to take action in your business, carefully guided by me, every step of the way. This is not marketing for faint hearted – that’s why I’ve referred to them as Bootcamps.

You’ll take part in 6 one hour sessions. One every 2 weeks. This will give you the chance to implement actions from your latest session.

The great thing is you’re not alone. There will be 3 other companies on the boot camp and in the session with you. Enough to learn from each other, but not too many that you get lost or you don’t get enough of my time.

Topics covered include :

  • Making the most of your existing customers

  • Understanding your brand and what customers see

  • Identifying your ideal customer

  • Getting noticed in your market

Contact me directly for the latest availability for this bootcamp


These one hour sessions will provide you with the more information on specific subjects such as :

  • Creating Great Content

  • Marketing for Start Ups

  • Marketing for Virtual Assistants

  • How can marketing help me grow my business?

  • I want to create a new website - what do I need to consider?

The sessions will be run online via Zoom. You’ll be with a maximum of 4 other people, so you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and really make the session work for you.

They’ll be very interactive with plenty of tips and tricks for you to take away and use.