Why Every Business Should Enter Radio 2’s 500 Word Competition

I actually wrote this blog, this time last year, but I thought it seems timely to put on to my new site, given the competition has just launched for 2018

With Radio 2’s 500 word children’s writing competition in full swing, I’ve looked at how writing 500 words could help a business. 500 words is about a page of typed text. This blog is 500 words. So why could writing 500 words help a business?

Create a succinct message about your business.

If you had to pitch your business, could you write about it in 500 words? Are you clear who you are talking to? What problem are you solving for them with your product? What are the benefits of using your service?

Stimulate your thinking about your business

Being able to clearly articulate this in 500 words will really focus you on what you need to be working on. We’re all really busy with the day to day running of our businesses and we often don’t have time to look up and consider what business we have and what we want do with it. Taking some time out can really help with this.

Blank book with a question mark.png

Use it as a free writing exercise to stimulate your creative thinking

Free writing is where you write sentences to form a paragraph about whatever comes to mind. It stimulates creative thinking. Who knows how many 500 words you could then write!

You can create great content from 500

What could you do with the content from 500 words about your business? Marketing is all about creating and sharing great content.  Here’s just a few ideas:

  • Re-write a brochure – use the succinct message to tell customers about your business. You’ve done the hard work, thinking about the key messages. Remember it’s not just about the information you put in there, but about grabbing the customer’s interest and persuading them to act.


  • Enter an award – this is a great way to assess your business and if you win, you’ve created a fantastic marketing tool with advertising and PR opportunities. Plus you’ll have improved staff morale and attract new employees to your business.


  • Write a blog – according to experts, blogs should be no less than 300 and no more than 600 words. So why not trying using your try writing a 500 blog. Don’t forget to share it though. Post on your social media platforms and add it to your website. It will also help drive more traffic to your website, either directly or via search engines.


  • Update your website – provide users and search engines with a reason to visit your website. Use the content to update on pages on your website.


  • Create an update in LinkedIn – You may have a company page on your LinkedIn or just your own profile. Why not use the 500 words to update your page, or write an update to share with your connections.



What could you do with 500 words? Whether you write about your business, or let out your inner child out to write a spell binding magical 500 words, it all starts with the 1st word. What’s yours?  Why not share it too?